Main Objectives :


The world and the society can be made a better place to live if all of us contribute what we can from our ends for the cause of the society, mankind and humanity.


Our Mission is to leave a positive impact in various communities and individuals by providing whatever support we can.


Our goal is to help create a prosperous, educated, healthy and happy society by conducting various developmental and humanitarian tasks.

Our major objectives are to contribute to the society by helping the suppressed transform their lives and facilitate fellow altruists reach out genuinely needy people to help. As mentioned before, we plan to run programmes in various sectors including education, health, livelihood and environment and sanitation. Some of objectives are mentioned below:

  • To enroll children of school going age, who are out of school, to schools by addressing their cause of remaining out of school.
  • To ensure accommodation, fooding, education and other basic needs of children who are staying as street children or are forced to work as child labourers to eke out a living.
  • To provide basic humanitarian facilities like accommodation, fooding and health to elderlies and disabled people unable to do so for themselves.
  • To run vocational trainings and rehabilitate women who are forced into sex or related trade not by choice, but out of plight.
  • To run vocational training to youths and help transform their lives and reduce unemployment.
  • To run awareness campaigns on health, environment and sanitation to improve the lives of people.
  • To adult literary classes to transform the lives of the illiterate adults.
  • To conduct health camps in rural parts of the country to provide affordable and easier access to health facilities to the rural populace and help them get rid of easily curable diseases 
  • To place volunteers from various countries in schools, health institutions, social organizations and other sectors of the community across the country.

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