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Volunteering in Nepal is a wonderful way to gain some experience and give back to the society. Volunteering will not only help the concerned community, it will also help you gain experience in your field of choice and learn about a new culture and language. It can also serve you the purpose of working holiday as the moments spent in the beautiful place like Nepal will be no less than a holiday. Now after the devastating quake, Nepal has been under the huge crisis needing more help and volunteering hands to rise again.

We organise volunteering opportunities for interested individuals and groups in various sectors including education, health, rural construction, environment, awareness campaigns and of course rehabilitating the quake victims. Most of the volunteering sites are outside capital Kathmandu, but we also arrange for volunteering in Kathmandu upon the request of the participant. Volunteering in Nepal is a wonderful way to gain some experience and give back to the society. 

Every sector of Nepal has been affected now by the catastrophic earthquake of April 25 2015. Volunteering in Nepal at the moment involves every charitable effort to help rise the country devasted by the quake. Rebuilding schools, hospitals, homes and roads in the quake affected regions of Nepal could be the integral part of volunteering in Nepal at the present. Teaching in schools, lending professionally expert hands in sectors like health, constrcutions and awareness campaigns are also the major sectors you can volunteer in Nepal now.

During the period you are volunteering in Nepal, we will arrange your lodging, fooding and other logistics required and also the travel to and from the volunteering site.

We charge a negligible fee as an administrative and overhead cost for the volunteering. The major chunk of the amount you pay as fee will go to the host family you stay with during the period of volunteering.

If you are interested for a volunteering programme or would like to know more about it, please drop a mail.

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