Volunteer activities in Nepal

As a developing country, Nepal has so much to improve and bring change into; be it the agriculture, or education sector. There are many volunteering works in several sectors in Nepal, such as agriculture, education, health, construction, and so forth. In addition to that, Nepal has yet to restore lots of

Volunteer abroad Nepal

Volunteering abroad is a great way to contribute something to the society; especially if they offer with homestays accommodations, and you get the chance to extend your cultural awareness during those stays. For volunteer abroad Nepal is the best destination; for there are multiple volunteering programs in both, rural and urban

Volunteering in Nepal for free

Volunteering is the act of giving something back to the society. However, the humanitarian organizations with large villas, plenty of staffs, and attractive websites can be misleading you sometimes. In the same location, you might also find few NGOs run by Nepalese dedicated for the welfare and betterment of needy people,

International volunteering in Nepal

International volunteering in Nepal is one of the best contributions that you can make to Nepalese communities and people. Youth empowerment, teaching, administration and management, child development, public interest, environment and conservation, women empowerment, public health, etc. are some of the most popular volunteering areas in Nepal. In Nepal, you shall

Construction volunteering in Nepal

When Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2015, lots of houses and infrastructures got destroyed. Similarly, the disastrous flood of 2017 has badly damaged the houses, public properties, and infrastructures. In addition to Nepal’s own aims to develop modern infrastructures, most of which have themselves proved a failure, these

Village volunteer programs in Nepal

Volunteer programs in Nepal offer you unique opportunity to give something back to the society, along with the beautiful prospect to increase your cultural awareness about Nepal and Nepalese people, and help contribute, whatever be the volume of such assistance, to enhance the lifestyle of underprivileged and needy people. You can

Complete guide to volunteer in Nepal

If you want to volunteer in Nepal, this guide might be of great help to you. Volunteering is a great opportunity to give something important and substantial back to the society. There are short-term/long-term volunteering programs in various sectors such as agriculture, construction, education, etc. 1. Choose your time and volunteering programs September

Short Term volunteer in Nepal

Be it a long term volunteer o short term volunteer in Nepal, volunteering is the best way to give something back to the community. Volunteering provides you the best opportunity to make an important contribution to the society to uplift and help improve the life and conditions of communities. You can volunteer

Health sector volunteering in Nepal

Health sector volunteering in Nepal has got great priority after Nepal was hit by the devastating earthquake during 2015, and the recent flood and landslide that affected Nepal. Using contemporary health services is very limited in the rural part of Nepal. Similarly, there is the need to promote the use of

Volunteer programs in Nepal

Volunteer programs in Nepal are related to construction, teaching and care, conservation of the environment, healthcare and medicine, physiotherapy, etc. These volunteering programs contribute to sustainable construction, increasing access to fundamental health care services, improve the status of education in public schools, support locals teaching them a scientific method of cultivating

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