Our mission to help the needy people of Nepal and transform their lives for better will not be successful without the generous contribution of fellow altruists. The number and scale of programs we can run with our own resources is limited. So, to extend our helping hands to a wider group of needy people, we humbly seek support from fellow altruists around the world.
How you can contribute?
You can contribute to our endeavor to improve the lives of the needy ones by:
Donating: We need money to finance our various running and proposed programs. If you are interested to contribute financially to part or whole of a programme please click here  If you would like to enquire with us and discuss with us about where and how the money would be used before deciding to contribute please click here. You can also contribute in-kind by donating computers, printers, vehicles etc that will be useful for the activities of various schools and social organizations in Nepal. If you are interested in donating such goods that you think might be useful here, please contact us.
Sponsoring a child/children: Several children in Nepal are deprived of their right to education. They are unable to go to school for sheer poverty. The state of some children is so bad that they are not even able to go to government schools, which provide free education because they do not have money to buy stationeries, uniform or food. They won't get food if they don’t earn it by working throughout the day. Many of these children are very talented who could make a good career if they get an opportunity to study in good schools. In fact, it is their right to get good education. Although the government and many other organizations have run programs to provide needy and talented students with scholarships, the programmes are not enough to address the needs of thousands of needy children. Your generous support by sponsoring a child changes the future of a child. You can become a proud contributor to an individual’s life. In fact, many students can change the face of the community.

When you sponsor a child, you bear all or part of the cost related to his/her education based on your choice. Some donors prefer to sponsor the tuition fees, stationeries, clothing, and fooding of a student while others choose to sponsor part of it.

We are already educating a couple of deprived children in the schools in Chitwan and Kathmandu at our own cost. If you sponsor one of these children, you can use the saved fund to enroll one more needy child to school.
If you would like to sponsor a child or ask any questions about the program, please contact us.
Volunteering: Volunteering will not only help the concerned community, but it will also help you gain experience in your field of choice and learn about a new culture and language.

Spreading a word: Contributing or supporting does not only mean giving money or materials. It also means well-wishing and talking well. You can help us by spreading a word about us, our programs, and about Nepal. If there is any person or charities looking to help out a needy society, you can forward them to us. Your moral support also goes a long way in our success. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions about our programs, you can always drop a mail at

We charge a small fee as an administrative and overhead cost for the volunteering. Most of the amount you pay as the fee will go to the host family you stay with during the period of volunteering.
If you are interested in a volunteering program or would like to know more about it, please drop a mail. There is an ongoing Volunteer program in Dahachok Kathmandu, Sano Bharyang Kathamndu &  Rameshowry Ma Vi, Bungkot. Gorkha.

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