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Nepal is a small landlocked country tucked between the two emerging economic giants China and India. To the outsiders, Nepal is known as the country of Everest or the birthplace of Buddha. With the snowcapped mountains, diverse landscape, lush green forests-with varieties of flora and fauna-and turquoise water bodies, Nepal is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Nepal also boasts a rich cultural heritage. More than a hundred ethnic groups live in mutual harmony. Each group has unique language, culture & tradition that justify the cultural biodiveristy of Nepal. 

Despite, the natural beauty and cultural richness, Nepal is largely underdeveloped. Many people live below the poverty line. Lack of education and awareness prevails among the populace. It is one of the noblest acts to help people who are well-known for their bravery and kindness despite the extremely difficult lifestyle they practice.Recently, the powerful earthquake has doubled the crisis of Nepal. More than 9000 lost their lives, thrice injured, million displaced and 8 millions affected. . The quake has left back several homeless people, many children have been orphaned, several schools and hospitals have fallen down and biliions worth infrastructures have been destroyed.

Prior to the devastating quake as well basic health facilities were not accessible to all over the country. Thousands die every year because of epidemic, scucide cases are so frequent, child labor and child marriage are part of traditions in some communities till the date, human trafickking hits the headlines of Nepalese medias so often and the brutal murders because of conservative perceptions cover larger section of newspapers everyday. Far flung villages still are deprived of enough food and the facilities of proper education and health services are no where close to possibilities. 

Pioneer Foundation Nepal aims to counter the most prominent social causes through effective awareness campaigns and also promises to provide basic facilities in as many as underprivileged communities of remote Nepal.

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