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Nepal is one of the nations in the world that experiences brutal crimes and several adverse consequences every year. The cultural taboos deeply rooted in the conservative heads of ignorant Nepalese have made many communities a hard place to live in.

For example, a myth of getting better job in the alein countries have enhanced human traficking and have forced so many young girls to be involved into prostitution. Similarly, the honor killing and human sacrifices to please the deities are all time news headlines in Nepal. The major social issues like gender inequlity and racial discrimination are so far being eliminated and punished but there are still many communities, where people practice these values strictly. 

Pioneer Foundation aims to figure out these serious social issues and resolve it permanently so that no one gets victimized or punished because of these uncommon practices, which in the modern world is a serious crime or offence. 

For this mission we need many helping hands, genuinely interested in improving the lives of supressed portions of the communities. Please be the part of awareness campaigns we launch so that every bit of the communities enjoys equal rights in all social, individual and national aspects. 

Our awareness campaigns include empowering women and youths, against human traficcking and child labor, against cultural taboos that hinder lives of many individuals and health related issues.

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