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Volunteer Teaching in Nepal
Pioneer Foundation Nepal (Non-Profitable Organization - www.pfnepal.org) has conducted volunteering teaching in many places in Nepal.

Volunteering in Gorkha:

1)  Volunteering Teaching in Gorkha.
Details for Volunteering in Rural Village School in Gorkha.
Gorkha is situated 150 Km far from the Capital city of Kathmandu. There are easy access of roadways to reach the main city of Gorkha, but our volunteering area, Bungkot is 17 KM far from the city & gravel road links to the village with jeep or buses.
School Name for the Volunteering :
  • Rameshwory Secondary School. Bungkot -09, Gorkha.
Features of the School :
  • School has approximately 350 students (Grade I to X )
  • 50 % Girls & 50% Boys, All are Day Scholars, live with their parents.
  • School main buildings has collapsed due to the earthquake of 25th April, 2015.
  • just 10 minutes walking distance from the our Pioneer Volunteer’s Home Stay. 
  • only temporary rooms are available for the students tuitions.
  • Toilets, Sports materials, grounds, Science Lab, School offices and Library are in weak conditions.
  • All teaching methods are in Nepalese Medium, except English Book.
  • 14 permanent Teachers, fully paid by Nepal Government, 2 are temporary teachers, paid by school management.
  • Volunteering need for English Teaching, Sports teaching, Health, Social and environments, Computers classes etc. Volunteers also assist and help for the student discipline learning, health awareness, socio –cultural exchange of his/her country & Nepal. Besides of these, Volunteers can interact with Parents, Teachers as well as students about their life styles, culture, traditions.
Process for Admission
Admission Fee: US $50 per person (This amount will go to the Pioneer Foundation - Nepal to support their social project)
Cost/Charge for Volunteering
Per Day Volunteering: US $ 25 per person per day (This will includes, lodging, food, volunteering fees in Schools and local transportation in/out to Gorkha from Kathmandu)
Duration: (Min - 1 week, Max as per your choice)
You have to sign up for minimum of one week to 10 days volunteering teaching. But if you could do more days for volunteering in School, it would always be perfect. You could sign up for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month or more volunteering teaching in this school, but you have to confirm your timeline of volunteering beforehand.

Details for the Food and Accommodation :
On your volunteering program, lodging will be at our “Pioneer Foundation-Volunteer Home Stay” . So it is an experience to live together with families, which gives you antique opportunity to enjoy, explore and interact with the local peoples, their lifestyles and culture. You will get one double/Twin Bedded or Tripple bed room for your staying in volunteering and toilets are outside in the yard. Shower will be cold at outside in bathroom yard. You could buy water heating rod (it is available in Kathmandu or in Gorkha and take it with you for hot bucket shower). We will also provide you hot water in the Bucket upon your request.
You will have basic food. As it is village, you would not have much choice of western food (But you could buy some noodles, spaghetti, cheese etc. and take it with you).
Choice of any eggs, Tea or coffee and biscuits (Sometimes Bread and butter/Jam)
Nepali Food (Dal Bhat) - which is combine with plain rice, lentil soup, potato’s curry/cauliflower curry, Gundrek Sadeko (Kimchi) or pickle etc.
While on Volunteering teaching in school, you will have opportunity to see how school is running, discussion about teaching difference in your country and in Nepal, interact with social peoples, teachers and school management, paying sports with school children's.
Optional/Extra Activities
Milking cow/buffalo, visit to rice field, fishing in pond, visit to cultural villages, historical areas such as Martyr Bhimsen Place or Budi - Gandaki Sattle (Old temple at riverbank of Gandaki River etc.). Or day hiking in other villages etc., with local guides. Also available other schools for the volunteering near by this home stay. Ramche School, 25 minutes & Dahale Primary school, 30 minutes in walking distance.
Fund Raising/Additional support to School
This volunteering program is a basic program that we have developed for you to visit to rural school and do volunteering teaching and the cost charged to you is only for a required lodging/food/school exp. for your staying during the trip. However when you will be there, as school was fully damaged from earthquake and they almost have no good set up of anything in their school (We initiating fundraising to this school for basic support to assist them), school always have expectation from westerners to get more support on their school, thus it is always a best to assist school from your side to enlighten them more from your visit.
You could campaign for fundraising for their school for making science laboratory, library making, buying cupboards, tables, chairs, teaching posters, digital teaching DVDs etc. or assisting on sports such as, buying footballs, volleyballs and nets, badminton, table tennis, cricket etc.
We know that fact that everyone could not do much, but you may assist on anything that you could to support them on your trip to their place. You could even do very small support such as, buying some sports materials, buying colors and pencil or textbooks or examination copies etc., which do not cost more then US $100- $200 but this would also make them feel very good!
If you want to support anything, you could buy each and everything in Kathmandu to take with you or you could also buy anything in their district headquarter which approx. of 4 hours walking from the school.

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