Best time to Volunteer in Nepal

The best time to volunteer in Nepal depends upon your selection of area for volunteering. Some areas will always benefit from your expertise and support, whenever you go; while some other areas will thrive only in particular time of the year. For example, a fresh academic session in schools starts from mid-April in Nepal. Schools are in need of teachers during this time. Volunteering by teaching English in a school will be more beneficial, provided you have a 12-month time, during this time. Otherwise, your short package of support is welcomed, throughout the year.
June through August is the time for planting paddy—the most widely produced staple crop, in Nepal. And harvesting is done during October throughout December. The locals might benefit your support during this period of the year. Agricultural volunteering is best during agricultural season. You might enjoy how thrilled people are while planting and harvesting paddy. It is a more cultural aspect of Nepalese society. Singing special song, covering their body with locally made bamboo-body-umbrella, Ghum (in Nepali), they dip the paddy plant into the muddy water and inject into the soil below; eating Nepalese Roti and pickle, Achar (In Nepali), during the lunch break.
Similarly, you can volunteer in an orphanage. You don't have to be worried about best time to volunteer in Nepal for doing some volunteering in an orphanage. Any time, you can come to Nepal for this volunteering job. The work might include doing some chores like cleaning the spot, helping children in their assignment, teaching them some computer skills, helping in cooking, shopping, and so forth. You will be amazed to see how your little effort can make a little contribution in creating a happy environment for their growth and development. Volunteering is not only about giving something back to the society, but also kindling a faith in humanity that there is somebody who is worried about their conditions.
Besides, you can volunteer at Buddhist monastery, hospitals, health posts, construction, conservation program, etc., which do not require any specific time; for they always welcome expertise and support. But, before opting for any kind of volunteering, you might want to do some research regarding what you shall do and where you shall be involved. Pioneer Foundation Nepal is a trusted humanitarian organization working towards improving the quality of life of poor underprivileged settlements in Nepal. We welcome every kind of support from you. 

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