Volunteering opportunities in Nepal

You can find the best volunteering opportunities in Nepal. Ranging from education to agriculture sector, you will have lots of opportunities to give something back to the society and tell people with your action that there is somebody to help improve other's lives. Depending upon where you want to volunteer in Nepal, you will get opportunities to help small children learn English, give a hand at construction site, share your expertise in agriculture, and assist orphans in doing their assignment. Give yourself some time to learn new culture, live in new lifestyle and enjoy some of the unique tastes that the diversity in the world has to offer you.
You can volunteer as an English teacher at a public or community school. English learning is a charm in rural Nepal. A parent feels proud if children can utter few English words, no matter how disorganized they sound. You will be well welcomed in such communities as you teach the innocent cheerful student some of your accent. You can also volunteering in agricultural project, if not available, you can assist with your agricultural expertise in the agricultural areas of Nepal. Since still traditional farming is widely in practice, your suggestion might be beneficial for them.
You might like volunteering in an orphanage, otherwise. Help in cooking, cleaning, feeding, homework of the children, making kids learn the internet and computer, etc. Since these work do not require lot of experience and expertise, you might love these chores and find relatively easy to complete. Further, children are the best teachers of any culture. They are as curious as you at the new land. You can also volunteer at construction site; help other build their infrastructures. Your expertise and skill can benefit others to learn new way to do their chores.
Pioneer Foundation Nepal is a humanitarian organization in Nepal that has been helping in improving the lives of people living in underprivileged communities. We shall provide you the ideal volunteering opportunities in Nepal.  We shall charge you very nominal charge for the volunteering work. Further, we arrange you the best volunteering work in the country, depending upon your desired destination, area of volunteering, and safety and expertise. Every support, expertise, and service shall be received happily. Feel free to contact us if you have any information, recommendation, suggestion; we shall be pleased to hear from you. 

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