Complete guide to volunteer in Nepal

If you want to volunteer in Nepal, this guide might be of great help to you. Volunteering is a great opportunity to give something important and substantial back to the society. There are short-term/long-term volunteering programs in various sectors such as agriculture, construction, education, etc.

1. Choose your time and volunteering programs
September to November is considered the best time to visit Nepal. But, keep in mind that the work of volunteering, availability, etc. matter a lot in deciding what the best time is to do volunteering in Nepal. Teaching, agriculture, reconstruction, construction, education, medical and healthcare, etc. are some of the popular sectors that might have something where you might volunteer.

2. Get your logistics ready
You can get a tourist visa at the airport, the maximum days of stay at Nepal under which can be no more than 150 days in a year. Get yourself with a passport with at least validity of 6 months. You might want to consult your doctor regarding the potential vaccinations you might take, including other safety needs. Pack your luggage with all the important documents you might be asked for, including all the equipment you might need during your stay in Nepal.

3. Talk about your accommodation and responsibilities
Most of the time, you shall stay with the host family in Nepal. However, do talk about it with your volunteering organization prior to heading off to Nepal. Host family can be a great source to know about Nepalese culture and traditions.

4. Get connected with locals
Sometimes you might need some kind of help. Nepalese people are eager to help you. You might fall sick. Ask the names of people you encounter whom you trust, their residence, and if possible pay a visit. Doing so extends your social exposure and connectivity.

5. Get some time to learn new language and culture
As said before, host family can be of great help if you want to learn their language and culture. The children who have little knowledge of English can be a pool between you and the family heads. If possible, start a conversation with local language; this makes them feel special and cheerful.

6. Things to do and not to do
You might want to dress conservatively during your stay in Nepal. Wherever you go, always carry toilet paper, wipes or tissues. Some people might feel offended if you point the religious place or objects. 

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