Village volunteer programs in Nepal

Volunteer programs in Nepal offer you unique opportunity to give something back to the society, along with the beautiful prospect to increase your cultural awareness about Nepal and Nepalese people, and help contribute, whatever be the volume of such assistance, to enhance the lifestyle of underprivileged and needy people. You can either volunteer in the urban areas or the rural region of Nepal. After the devastating earthquake of 2015, and a disastrous flood of 2017, Nepal has been working hard to restore the infrastructure and lives of affected people, in both urban and rural areas. You can volunteer in a health post, or be an English teacher in a public school, or help villagers reconstruct their houses and bridges, or work in a team to spread awareness about sanitation. There are veterinary volunteering programs, volunteering at an orphanage, Buddhist monastery, volunteering with elephants, volunteering by teaching computer, or any environmental conservation volunteer programs.
You can spread your expertise about agriculture by teaching the villagers about the modern way of agriculture, teaching them about modern techniques and tools. Since most of the people in the village area are dependent upon agriculture, your volunteering program can benefit these people. Otherwise, you can do some teaching in a public school in a village. Learning English has always been a subject of charm and symbol of knowledge in rural part; your coaching might attract girl child to sustain their attendance in the classes. You can also be involved in the work of feeding and cleaning Elephants in your volunteering with elephants in Sauraha. You can show your expertise in veterinary by volunteering for animals. Besides farming, animal rearing is also a dominant occupation of villagers. You can check the health of their cattle, and treat them in case of any illness or disease. Similarly, you can also teach English to monks at monasteries and learn something about Buddhism from them. Spending some time at monasteries can make a spiritual impact on you.
Pioneer Foundation Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organization in Nepal that has been granting lots of volunteering opportunities for several volunteering enthusiasts from across the world. We can arrange volunteer programs in Nepal, either in the rural or urban areas of Nepal, be it for a long-term or a short term. We shall also arrange your accommodation, and make every effort to help you make most out of this program and contribute to the society. For any volunteering programs in Nepal, do not forget us.

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