Reasons to volunteer in Nepal for teaching program

Socio-cultural and humanitarian reasons to volunteer in Nepal for teaching program might bring you to this country. Public school in Nepal has always been defeated by the academic results of private schools. Unstable classes, extremely fluctuating number of students, poor teaching, lack of specialized teacher for specific subjects, etc. can be taken as some of the reasons behind this. You can volunteer by teaching in a public school. Following are the reasons why you should volunteer in teaching sector in Nepal:

1. Bridge gap between public and private education

As you spend some time in Nepal, you might find that even the teachers of public school send their children to a private school. Most of the times, the school infrastructures are either unmanaged or are very limited. No matter what kind of attracting scheme the government brings into action, the number of students going school in the remote part of Nepal is still considerably low; and the number of female students attending school is much lower than the male number. Children attending school in clean pressed dresses, blurting out English rhymes attract the guardians than the public school students who can be seen in wrinkled untucked shirts and baggy pants.
You shall be welcomed and respected by the villagers. However short be the time, you might change the way these children used to learn.

2. To help students from backward community excel and be eligible for future academic awards.

It is heartbreaking to say that sometimes the academic performance of these children is so low that they couldn't even get the award, reservations, and priorities given to them by the government. You can be a good mentor to help them excel in their academic performance and hence, help secure a better further for them.
3. Attract and increase the number of students and their rolls

As the children hear that there's a 'foreigner' who has come to teach them, they will be much more excited and enthusiastic to be near you, to attend your classes. You welcoming manner might lead to regular school attendance and attract more and more number of new students.

Opportunity to contribute something to help improve the learning profile, encourage personified learning styles, increase the confidence in schooling among parents, etc. are some other reasons to volunteer in Nepal for teaching program. Contact us for more customized volunteering in teaching field in Nepal.

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