Urging every friend of Nepal to help the needy communities of the Himalayan country recently struck by quake

Clearly our mission is to improve the quality of life of those who live in extreme poverty in the underprivileged villages of the country. Now during the tragedy of such level because of M 7.9 earthquake our primary mission has shifted for a while, which is to provide the basic needs to the quake victims in the villages of central Nepal. We have clear visions on how we could bring the changes in the communities so that every Nepali living in the remotest corner of the country enjoys the life achieving every basic facility the system provides to the citizens of urban Nepal. We have plans of working in Education and Health sectors, we have strategies of empowering and employing youths and we have acknowledged the issues on which the ignorant Nepalese need to be awared. In brief Education, health, youths and awareness campaigns are the major areas we plan to work on.



Awareness Campaigns

Nepal is one of the nations in the world that experiences brutal crimes and several adverse consequences every year. The cultural taboos deeply rooted in..


Public Health

Public Health in Nepal has always been the prime concern. Lack of proper sanitation, balanced nutrition and enough human resources and health facilities have always..



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Quake Relief Activity

The powerful quake of 2015 has dragged Nepal 10 years back. Thousands died, thrice got injured, millions have become homeless and eight millions affected. Our..


Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering to bring back hope, security, warmth and quality in the lives of people living in the underprivileged quake struck communities of Nepal 

Volunteering in Nepal is a wonderful way to gain some experience and give back to the society. Volunteering will not only help the concerned community, it will also help you gain experience in your field of choice and learn about a new culture and language. It can also serve you the purpose of working holiday as the moments spent in the beautiful place like Nepal will be no less than a holiday...


Main Objectives :

Our major objectives are to contribute to the society by helping the suppressed transform their lives and facilitate fellow altruists reach out genuinely needy people to help. As mentioned before, we plan to run programmes in various sectors including education, health, livelihood and environment and sanitation. Some of objectives are mentioned below:

  • Rehabilitating the quake victims of Nepal
  • Helping quake victims have access to all the basic needs
  • Ensuring basic rights to every child, which include education, health and nutrition.
  • Campaigning against the child labor from Nepal
  • Enhancing economic growth and empowering youths with skills
  • Facilitating elderly citizens with all basic facilities.
  • Hosting awareness campaigns in the isolated villages to avoid adverse social consequences.
  • Awareness campiagns related to human trafickking 


Pioneer Foundation - Events

Help to conduct medical camp in Gorkha district

23 Apr  Kathmandu ,Nepal

• 10.04.2011 --  Enrollment of some Tharu children and economical support for their educdation in Chitwan. • 05.05.2010  --   Aid of  5000 U.S dollar to..

23 Apr Kathmandu,Nepal

23 Apr Kathmandu,Nepal

23 Apr Kathmandu,Nepal

23 Apr Kathmandu,Nepal

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