Volunteer in Nepal orphanage

Volunteer in Nepal orphanage
What can be more beautiful than to witness a child's healthy and happy upbringing due to your volunteer in Nepal orphanage? It is an opportunity to help by contributing something in the creation of better lives of orphans. It's not only about giving something back to the society but also about kindling faith in humanity—that there are people in this world who do care about these orphans, no matter where do they live, or what language they speak. Don't take your life cheaply, when there are some children who can thank you for creating an environment where they can thrive and shine. Besides, volunteering will also develop your self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skill. You will be able to learn various kinds of skills, experiences, and knowledge, in your efforts and relish a new self in yourself. You will meet lots of kids from various backgrounds and get to know them and their local community.
There are some tragic stories about people tricking parents of remote villages to send their child to orphanage, luring with words of faith that they would educate the child, and making money from the vulnerability of these children. These stories of deliberate tricking and displacement of children using them as a measure for collecting fund from poorly informed and well-intentioned tourists are very much disappointing where the rights and care of little orphans are challenged to some extent. These few institutions have stamped marker of disgrace in this prestigious and humanitarian campaign.
Pioneer Foundation- Nepal (PFN) wants to ensure of its genuine, integrity and bona fide missions of upbringing orphans to all the stakeholders out there. We provide volunteering opportunities to everybody who duly care and are interested in caring of these orphans. You can volunteer in Nepal orphanage by cooking various dishes, babysitting, assisting in maintenance, teaching, and helping in home assignments, playing with them, amaze them with your skills and talent, taking them to parks, helping them in computer and Internet, and so forth. You should note that your act can impart long-term consequence on these young minds, thus you need to be very much careful about what you do to/before them. We charge insignificant charge from you for volunteering which shall cover various requirements of these children. We are open to any suggestion and consultation. Do let us know how you want to assist these orphans and we shall think about your interest.

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