Volunteer in Nepal with Most Trusted Local Organization

Volunteer in Nepal with Most Trusted Local Organization
If you want to volunteer in Nepal with most trusted local organization, you have to know about few disgraceful issues in the name of volunteering. There has been quite stories about organizations trying to bag money from poorly informed and good intentioned tourists, either in the name of relief to earthquake victims, or care of orphans in orphanage. Nepotism and favoritism has drugged some of the organizations, where showing the future of vulnerable victims, head of the organizations accumulate foreign contribution at their personal accounts. In the midst of corrupted personnel, unsystematic and unorganized working scheme, growing number of victims, a volunteer doesn’t have easy task to choose an organization.
Volunteering is a sacred humanitarian effort to help make somebody else's life better, no matter who he/she is or where the community belongs. It's giving something back to the community, ignorant of which we live in our busy lives. There are war-victims, victims of devastating earthquakes of 2015, victims from girl trafficking, domestic violence, exploitation, harassment; there is illiteracy, poorly developed infrastructures, hospitals, no proper management of clean drinking water or electricity, no regular education, no enough nutrition, and lots of educational, economic, nutritional, and health crises in Nepal. People from around the world want to do contribute is some way to uplift the condition from their level, no matter how slim is the effort or how few is the number of beneficiary. And when they do contribute something, such as cash or commodities, due to number of reasons, they do not reach to the victims, either in part or whole, either immediately or lately. All these navigates the need towards a trusted organization, which would manage its system, utilized the contribution and work towards the objective with integrity, dedication and honesty.
Pioneer Foundation Nepal is one of the most trusted humanitarian organization in the country. We work for the betterment of orphans, underprivileged communities, and various other victims. We want to ensure that your effort and contribution reaches the victims seeking hope and support from the whole humanity in general. We are transparent and committed towards our goals and objectives. We make our work speak on behalf of our achievement papers and seminars. If you want to volunteer in Nepal with most trusted organization, do remember us. We want to take you to the real victims, to the real beneficiary, not to the false drama of humanitarian invented by organizations secretly aiming to get rich.

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