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Volunteer organization in Nepal address issues related to health, human rights, education, sexual abuses, domestic abuses, racism, reconstruction, and so forth. Being a developing country, as it always happens with them to struggle and enhance from where they are, this journey requires lots of volunteers. Because without a manpower that has feeling of giving something back to the society, the society cannot improve. And, like any other area, volunteering sector is also getting dirtier due to number of cases and carelessness.
Volunteering gives an opportunity for personal growth, academic deepening, services, and cultural understanding and exploration. Either you teach in a rural village, or help street children, or help in reconstruction of houses and infrastructures, or voice what women victim has to say, you will be working for an improvement in their lives, directly or constructively. They improve the living standard of the beneficiaries, health related awareness in the general public, and disaster preparedness. If you want to see how you small contribution grows and takes into effect of improving lives of people, volunteering can be the best work for you in Nepal. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your effort enriching other people's lives.
Truth must be told, it is sometimes seen that people with different intentions opt for volunteering in Nepal and other developing countries, mostly for shining up their resumes and qualification. Most of them are believed to be unknowingly helping the false business of humanitarian organizations. There have been some of the cases where some of these organizations lured the parents in the rural areas to send their children to orphanages, showing them the false hope that their children would be taught and taken care of by foreigners, or that after educating they would take to their country for work. Mostly, they take benefit of the poor economic condition of the family and pursued them to help their bad intention unknowingly. Similarly, the also had been news about the social worker of an orphanage giving residence to the children of his relatives only. These sham organizations have demoralized the whole humanitarian work.
We—the Pioneer Foundation Nepal is a widely recognized and active humanitarian organization. We are a genuine volunteer organization in Nepal.  We shall give you an excellent opportunity to serve in our communities and organization and help people that need you. If you have any inquiry, suggestion, recommendation, then you can feel free to contact us anytime.

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