Volunteering in Kathmandu

Volunteering in Kathmandu
Volunteering in Kathmandu can be budget friendly and can tally with your preference. This city is rich in cultural and historic importance with many places and architecture listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Volunteering is a work of giving something back to the society. It is a good opportunity to help improve other's status and life. What could be more thrilling than to witness destructed infrastructures rebuilt sheltering delicate humans, or problematic child turning into a star? Even if we could do a little bit of contribution that could improve lots of things, it would be worth doing.
It is sad to say, there are lots of fake institution that have been cashing vulnerability of victims, or working to welfare kith and kins. It is not only demoralizing the humanitarian activity, but demolishing people's trust and feelings of support. People are seen deliberately convincing parents of small children to send their children to orphan homes, showing false dream that they would be taught and grown by foreigners. There are also the cases where in the name of supporting homeless, a director of the organization brings children of relatives. These bad stories have marked bad impression upon the total humanitarian organization.
Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake in the year 2015 leading to more than 800,000 deaths. The restoration and rebuilding haven't been completed till now. There are earthquake victims that are physically and mentally ill. You can come here to help people rebuild their houses or help them improve psychologically. It not only can shine your resume, but spark light of hope in victims that there is somebody to help them, no matter where they are or who they are. You will be amazed to know that no matter how weak you feel or how insignificant you think your effort is, you always possess some ability to change the way other people live their lives. This shall build up a sense of confidence and self-worth in you.
Pioneer Foundation Nepal (PFN) assures you regarding its actual mission to help little orphans who have no parent, to make them believe that this world is a safe place to live, and that there are people other than their parents who are worried about their upbringing. You can volunteer in Kathmandu in our organization by doing various chores, for which we will charge very nominal amount for the maintenance and sustenance of our organization.

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