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Volunteering is the act of giving something back to the society. However, the humanitarian organizations with large villas, plenty of staffs, and attractive websites can be misleading you sometimes. In the same location, you might also find few NGOs run by Nepalese dedicated for the welfare and betterment of needy people, keeping aside all other opportunities of work. Most of these domestic run NGOs don’t get international volunteers. On the other hand, there are other established organizations that charge you plenty of money for volunteering. For volunteering in Nepal for free, either you need to visit Nepal and meet the needy people and offer to volunteer directly, or go through a reliable NGO for any such opportunity.
You shall find some individual and collective initiatives in Nepal that offer free volunteering in remote areas. Due to profit-motive of some humanitarian organizations, the volunteering enthusiasts are restraining from volunteering, and the needy people and communities are getting lesser support. Most of the free volunteering programs will be concentrated in rural and remote areas of the country. You shall be staying with the host family during your volunteering tenure, and won’t be charged any sum of money for it. You will be dining with the host family enjoying the local delicacies, and, mostly the Dal Bhat as the main course. This gives you the perfect opportunity to expand your cultural awareness.
Though the place you stay at might have electricity, you might not be able to enjoy the Internet. For some important emails, and interviews, you might have to travel to the nearby town. Though this might be a free volunteering, you shall have to pay for the food and accommodation during your stay here to the host family, and all the transportation cost. Teaching English in the public school, teaching computer, assisting in health service, etc. are some of the best volunteering programs.
Pioneer Foundation- Nepal is a humanitarian organization in Nepal dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged and support needy people. We are actively working on Gorkha, Chitwan, and Kathmandu. We also organize several volunteering programs, be it long or short term, in available fields, in both rural and urban areas. With every effort, we always try to ensure that the contribution you are making is enriching the lives of needy people. Feel free to contact us for more information about volunteering in Nepal for free, we shall be pleased to hear from you.

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