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International volunteering in Nepal is one of the best contributions that you can make to Nepalese communities and people. Youth empowerment, teaching, administration and management, child development, public interest, environment and conservation, women empowerment, public health, etc. are some of the most popular volunteering areas in Nepal. In Nepal, you shall get the perfect opportunity to help improve people’s lives and enrich your cultural experience in the geographically diverse country. International volunteering in Nepal has multi-fold benefits; you shall have the opportunity to make a contribution to the local community, learn their culture, do some adventure, and shine your CVs; and the community gets the support and expertise required for the completion of a work. You can do either long term or the short term volunteering, which might range from few weeks to years, depending on the time available to you.
Throughout the period of volunteering, the most probable chance is that you shall be staying with the host family, accommodating like in a homestay. This also gives you the perfect condition to get to know the culture, traditions, beliefs, and lifestyle of the host family from very close. As you help people improve their way of living, their ways of handling everyday livelihood, you shall be engulfed with a different sense of pleasure, knowing that you do have something to change others. However, despite the need and opportunities for volunteering in Nepal, there are several sham businesses going on in the name of humanitarian support; thus, it is very important to find the reliable and genuine organization for volunteering in Nepal.
Be it teaching English in a public school, or cleaning or assisting in cooking in an orphanage, you shall never be away from the lives that get change very before your eyes. We arrange you the best suitable volunteering programs in Nepal, in both rural and urban areas. Pioneer Foundation Nepal is a leading humanitarian organization in Nepal that has been improving the lives of marginalized and underprivileged people, and all those who are in need of support. We are headed towards the ambitious goal of acting as a significant influencer in building the nation and the lives of people. We can arrange short and long-term volunteering programs in Gorkha, Chitwan and Kathmandu. We shall ensure every measure regarding your safety and privacy, and freedom as you volunteer in Nepal. For any more information about volunteering programs, or the services we offer, feel free to contact us; we shall be pleased to hear from you.

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