Construction volunteering in Nepal

When Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2015, lots of houses and infrastructures got destroyed. Similarly, the disastrous flood of 2017 has badly damaged the houses, public properties, and infrastructures. In addition to Nepal’s own aims to develop modern infrastructures, most of which have themselves proved a failure, these natural disasters have a very devastating effect. The properties and infrastructures are undergoing reconstruction with the personal effort of individuals, or with collaboration with other associations. In the midst of this, your construction volunteering in Nepal would be the best contribution to the community.
Also, there are many public schools that still do not have toilets for girls. During menstruation, the girl students are forced to be absent in the classroom. They still lack modern and equipped libraries and classrooms. Your expertise and knowledge can be of great help. You can assist in construction by digging, mixing, and carrying. Otherwise, you can inspect and direct the team, if you can manage to make expertise contribution. There are lots of individual houses being built; you can inspect them randomly and make some suggestions. Volunteering is not only the best opportunity to give something back to the society but also the opportunity to know more about a community and expands your cultural awareness.
We can avail you of short term and long term volunteering in Nepal. Depending on your time, do let us know about during what time you prefer doing the volunteering work. We manage volunteering work at Gorkha, Chitwan, and Kathmandu. Throughout your stay in Nepal for volunteering, you shall be staying with a host family. This is a good opportunity to know more about local lifestyle and traditions. March to May and September to November are considered the best time in Nepal. The interesting part about the time is that this is also the ideal time for doing any trekking in Nepal. Doing construction volunteering in Nepal a manifold task, where you shall be contributing to the society, learning about the culture, and possibly, and doing some trips.
Pioneer Foundation Nepal is a non-profit and non-government humanitarian organization in Nepal working for the betterment of marginalized and needy people since ages. For any kind of volunteering programs in Nepal, be it long term or short term, in a rural region or urban, please feel free to contact us; we shall be happy to get some helping hands at the times of our need. 

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