Reasons to volunteer in Nepal for teaching program

Socio-cultural and humanitarian reasons to volunteer in Nepal for teaching program might bring you to this country. Public school in Nepal has always been defeated by the academic results of private schools. Unstable classes, extremely fluctuating number of students, poor teaching, lack of specialized teacher for specific subjects, etc. can be

Volunteering opportunities in Nepal

You can find the best volunteering opportunities in Nepal. Ranging from education to agriculture sector, you will have lots of opportunities to give something back to the society and tell people with your action that there is somebody to help improve other's lives. Depending upon where you want to volunteer in

Best time to Volunteer in Nepal

The best time to volunteer in Nepal depends upon your selection of area for volunteering. Some areas will always benefit from your expertise and support, whenever you go; while some other areas will thrive only in particular time of the year. For example, a fresh academic session in schools starts from

Volunteering in Chitwan Nepal

Located at 97.7 km away from the Kathmandu valley, you will get splendid cultural experience and opportunity to serve humanitarian support by volunteering in Chitwan Nepal. Either teach English at a school, or involve in Health posts, you will be benefitting the Chitwan inhabitants to help them improve their quality of

Volunteer Organization in Nepal

Volunteer organization in Nepal address issues related to health, human rights, education, sexual abuses, domestic abuses, racism, reconstruction, and so forth. Being a developing country, as it always happens with them to struggle and enhance from where they are, this journey requires lots of volunteers. Because without a manpower that has

Volunteering in Kathmandu

Volunteering in Kathmandu Volunteering in Kathmandu can be budget friendly and can tally with your preference. This city is rich in cultural and historic importance with many places and architecture listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Volunteering is a work of giving something back to the society. It is a good opportunity

Volunteer in Nepal with Most Trusted Local Organization

Volunteer in Nepal with Most Trusted Local Organization If you want to volunteer in Nepal with most trusted local organization, you have to know about few disgraceful issues in the name of volunteering. There has been quite stories about organizations trying to bag money from poorly informed and good intentioned tourists, either

Volunteer in Nepal orphanage

Volunteer in Nepal orphanage What can be more beautiful than to witness a child's healthy and happy upbringing due to your volunteer in Nepal orphanage? It is an opportunity to help by contributing something in the creation of better lives of orphans. It's not only about giving something back to the society

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